Montag, 9. Juli 2007

BC - Broadband Capitalism

First Definition:
Limitism / limitisme / limitismo / Limitismus : Trial term + guiding principle for social and corporate processes + actions under private law, which primarily is aimed at the rather systemically homogenous contextes of the liberal OECD-world and subsequently to that at the WTO-level (about three-quarters of all states are WTO members today). L. tries to connect thinking and the sense of fairness (Rawls et al.) to a well defined ecological-biospheric and social kind of sustainability by a fully regenerative economy policy as a defined sort of a social-global market economy // I name it social-ecological Broadband-Capitalism (BC). Broadband-Capitalism / Limitism / basically affirms + actively approves the individualistic + globalized capitalistic pursuit for profit only within the boundaries of `broadbands´, newly to be defined (in part for the first time). Precisely, - limits in each and for everybody! Freedom and limits are the two sides of the medal in question here. Both go hand in hand. So called pecuniary or other limit violations out of an apt broadband, say, transgressions of well-defined, historically and locally varying quantums, in part yet to be found in (world)societal debate of any certain kinds, will be, in case of wealth, fiscally skimed, by certain mechanisms at some point or/and at some time (law of inheritance - beneficiaries inheritance limit-tax / intern. anti-trust law - competion law / asset transfer law / endowment fund law ...). These capital flows would be cashed in back globally redistributing in a systemically-constructive and astute way. At the same time a principle of right use, as well as rights of participation for the `limitistic donor´ (for instance the beneficiaries of inheritance) with the redistribution is imaginable. Some constraints in it, yet to be defined, would be laudable, anyway. This could wind up to an international institution figuration (Global Governance like) representing `a biospheric-social law of fair nations´, fulfilling an international culture of foundations and endowments for economic cooperation and development. To make a point here: democracy doesn`t need billionairs in capital, but the limits of richdom for the sake of economic dynamic and innovating diversity. The redefinition of property rights could become one of the core principles for any legal entity and action on this globe. This is only one personal conclusion on the basis of letting this world count more than a doubt.

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